Make an External Leadership Coach Part of Your Business Team

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Contracting an external leadership coach as part of your business team is an integral part of people development strategy for high performing businesses. The value that having an external coach brings many benefits to businesses of all sizes. The development of your people should be a major focus of every business owner and managers. But often the sheer pressure of operating the business limits the impact of internal coaching or mentoring. And in turn, this limits the performance of your team. It’s a negative cycle impacting your business.

That is where having an external leadership coach can help. Contracting an external coach supports the professional growth of your team and plays an integral part of your leadership development and of your team. Good external leadership coaches will understand your business vision and tune their coaching of the team to align them to your desired outcomes. And ultimately bring it to life.

Great coaches work with you. They work with you to obtain and reach success. They will assess yourself and your team and provide growth plans for your development and business success. They understand how important it is to work on your strengths as well as your weaknesses, and support you in developing a well-rounded skillset.

The benefits of your business are many:

  1. You have a fresh set of eyes and ears to help build and develop your business
  2. Great coaches build rapport and trust with their clients and this empowers them to see solutions to their problems they may not have previously seen.
  3. Your team have an impartial and independent coach that provides them confidentiality to build their career without the fear of agendas and politics
  4. Your external coach can assess current skill set and knowledge, provide in-depth growth plans for the leadership group and monitor ongoing performance lifts.
  5. A great coach will provide appropriate guidance on the growth of the team and be able to provide measurable outcomes for delivery.
  6. PLUS they should provide a dashboard to show progress in the development aims PLUS, do the admin.

It seems like a win-win to me. Hiring an external leadership coach helps the business concentrate on its core functions while providing a growth environment for the team to thrive.






Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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Daisy Fleming

Over 60% of emails get cursed to spend their lives in the junk or other folder. Getting your emails delivered perfectly to prospective leads and clients requires talent and a bit of magic. My team has mastered getting the “inbox” of key managers and would gladly help you with sales and lead prospecting. Can I help create an email marketing plan for growth of your site and business? Thanks. Daisy Fleming

Sharon Jefferson

Finding a marketing solution that fits perfectly within your niche and industry may mean a lot of guesswork, mistakes, and wasted time and money. I saw your site - and I know I can help. My team has produced several explainer videos for coaches and trainers (we have created thousands in the past few years). Video is an absolute MUST in 2020. Let me know if you might be interested in seeing what’s already working for others and a few samples that we have already worked on in your field. -- Sharon Jefferson Email: Website:

David Stern

Good coaching/training and advicing have become major focuses in 2020. Complications in virtually every marketplace making driving relevant traffic to your site hard enough, but you also must capture this traffic and engage them! As you know, Google is constantly changing its SEO algorithm. The only thing that has remained consistent is that adding an explainer video increases website rank and most importantly keeps customers on your page for longer, increasing conversions ratios. My team has created thousands of marketing videos including dozens in your field. Simplify your pitch, increase website traffic, and close more business. Should I send over some industry-specific samples? -- David Stern Email: Website:

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