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 We see an outcry in our country surrounding the lack of support to a request for assistance from a business in Australia with the SPC/Ardmona rejection from the Government.  SPC will not be the last business to seek assistance and it certainly won’t be the last to look at closure being the only viable option.
Many of us look to blame, some blame the government, others blame the unions, some blame the supermarkets and then some blame the parent company.  Blaming does not help but within all of the above we need to find a new way, if we are to stop this trend. This is just an outcome of a problem that will continue to fester, unless we embrace change together.
Australia is embroiled presently as a land of many contradictions.


  • We complain about our government, yet want them to be the saviour of everything that fails
  • Our standard of living is high, yet consumer confidence is low.
  • Our consumer confidence is low, yet the world sees us as an example.
  • Our corporates are derided as greedy, yet our superannuation is in their hands
  • We want lower prices, but also want local industry.
  • To get lower prices, we have competition through imports.
  • Local industry cannot compete on imports. We want government to legislate to save it.
  • Our corporates are derided for not supporting local industry, yet we want lower prices.
  • We hate paying taxes and we are highly taxed, yet want more government services and fixes. 
  • At corporate level, we complain about our high wage figures, yet willingly pay senior executives obscene salaries to do their jobs.
  • And just quietly, we want our politicians to be real humans yet shoot them down for showing human-like behaviours.


The list could continue, obviously this is a complicated issue that doesn’t just fit neatly into one sector to fix. I haven’t even broached the environmental and social issues that are starting to stare us down. I wish it was so easy to blame just one sector, but we can’t. A new approach is needed to attain a clear vision of Australia, one that incorporates our history of mateship and sense of a fair go. We need government’s co-ordinating and controlling where needed and we need the private sector corporates showing concern for more than just profits. We need everyone more concerned with the greater good, than our own agenda. And that’s our starting point.
We cannot rebuild the walls around our country and isolate us. Looking forward as a nation across all areas and sectors and decisions are needed on what it is that we can sacrifice. We cannot go up, unless we are willing to give up. Until this debate takes place and action steps outlined, it is clear to me we are just going to lurch from one outcry to the next, and in the worst case scenario come to the end of the line when we realise we cannot afford the Australia we have built. We need to embrace a changed approach within our leadership across all sectors to achieve this.
Tony Curl
Leadership Coach –
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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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