5 Key Factors to Build a Growth Environment.

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People succeed when they embrace the concept of their own growth. They create an awareness and this leads to action and leads ultimately to accountability. Growth occurs when it is intentional, planned and focused on an outcome.

Awareness, Action, Accountability

Yet many will still fail. Why is this? Has this happened to you? You wanted growth, you set a goal, you had intention….you were focused….yet you still didn’t make it happen? Maybe it was the environment you found yourself in.
Environment is stronger than Will.
Have you ever been pulled back by those closest to you? Have you ever been pulled back by those that work closest to you? They didn’t believe in you, didn’t support you, didn’t encourage you, motivate you…..I’m hoping you get it. Environment is stronger than will. We need to create a growth environment that brings out the best you have.
How do we create our growth environment?
There are a number of key factors that will help you build a growth environment for you.
1. You are not the best person in the room.
If you’re the best person in the room, you are in the wrong room. In a positive growth environment, you want people ahead of you, smarter than you. You want to be with people that are better than you, more successful to create a challenging environment that brings out the best in you. If you are the best in the room, how can you learn from those you associate with?
2. You focus on today and tomorrow, not yesterday.
You have a focus on going forward. While you learn from yesterday, you don’t dwell on it. You have plans for tomorrow and the future but you know that it is what you do today that brings tomorrows success. A growth environment is created by focusing forward and making the most of today.
3. You challenge your comfort zone.
You play in your strength zone and continue to challenge this thing called comfort. You know that nothing great happens inside your comfort zone. You stretch yourself and by doing that you stretch those around you.
4. You build a solid inner circle
You choose those around you. You choose those that motivate and challenge you, provide feedback and support you in your endevours. You know that to build the greatest you, you need great people around you that compliment your skill set and inspire you. Like-minded people all with a focus of making it work.
5. To fail is to learn, not to fall.
In a growth environment, failure is not the enemy. It is another opportunity to learn and brings you closer to success. Learning from our failures drives us towards success. A positive growth environment helps makes this a reality.
Other factors exist in a growth environment, but for an environment conducive to your success and growth, these factors above are critical.
Assess your current environment, does it contain these key factors? What needs to change? What needs to be improved? What do you need? Who do you need?
About the Writer
Tony Curl is a leadership coach and business consultant. He combines international certification with his 30 years of Operational Leadership with some of Australia’s biggest retail names. He can be contacted by visiting his website at www.leadershiplifeandstyle.com.au

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