Great Leaders R.I.S.E.

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In Australia, we are increasingly becoming a cynical society. Everyday we get bombarded with news and views that create this cynicism. Our level of mistrust is rising at many levels and at some stage we need to take a stand. And that stands starts with YOU.
When I reflect back on the current events and the reasons behind this, I keep coming back to a simple message.

Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership – John Maxwell

No-one is immune from poor leadership and it’s reflected within each of our major turmoils that exist. We need to create great leaders and on reflection i know that Great Leaders R.I.S.E.
What are the components of R.I.S.E.
Great Leaders have respect, they demonstrate respect and in turn they get respect. Great leaders respect:
  • The people they serve
  • The businesses they build
  • The customers and clients they have
  • The communities they live in

Great leaders are respected because they demonstrate respect.

A simple message here, if you want respect, show respect.

Great leaders have integrity. They are honest and transparent and deliver what they say they will. They don’t send mixed messages, or hide their intention behind words or committees. They deliver what they say and they say simply what they mean.

Great leaders are honest with people and act with empathy.

Great leaders do what is right. And they deliver this with what is right for the community. During a crisis or an error that is made is when integrity of a leader is surely tested. Having integrity means they also admit their errors and mistakes. Leaders that seek support by admitting errors are respected more than a leader than attempts “bluff and bluster” tactics through a crisis.

Servant Leadership
Great leaders serve their people. Simple. They serve their people, they serve their business, they serve their customers and clients and they serve their communities. To lead you must serve.

It is when leaders are seen to serve themselves that mistrust and cynicism is created. A return (and I do say RETURN) to leaders serving their people is when we will start seeing trust returning to people. Great leaders serve.

We live in a world where we mass produce average. Great leaders strive for excellence in everything they do. So they demonstrate respect with excellence, they demonstrate integrity with excellence and they serve with excellence and they produce outcomes and results with excellence.

Great leaders aim for excellence in all they do and that is then reflected back on the people they serve. Businesses with great leaders, produce excellent results.

It starts with you.
Some get frustrated with their beliefs and desire for change. Many want to change the world, but are seemingly unwilling to change themselves. Too many inspirational people have told us that change starts with each one of us. To change the world, we need to change ourselves first. Take the line of thinking and put it to action.

So next time, you look at the world and desire change, ask yourself can I R.I.S.E. to be the role model for the change you desire.

Can you R.I.S.E.?

Tony Curl is a Leadership Coach who works alongside leaders and executives by aligning their actions with their desired outcomes and goals. He has over 29 years experience in Operational Leadership and combines that with international leadership and coaching certifications. He can be contacted by here.

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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