4 Steps to a Simpler Life

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Our lives are hectic. Our lives are busy. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Feelings of being over-worked and under appreciated are common. And it doesn’t just stop with our jobs or our work, it continues on with demands from our family and friends and the groups in which we belong. We long for the day we can stop and allow us time to catch up. Like a pinball in an arcade game we bounce from issue to issue, deadline to deadline, demands to demands.

While our world is certainly getting busier, there are some steps you can take to simplify your life. I am not talking about the “easy life”, I am talking about simplifying your life. The only easy life I believe is in when you die and move off this mortal coil. Simplifying your life provides momentum and can create flow in your life, and doing so creates a simpler life.

Step 1 . Know what you want! Sounds really simple, doesn’t it? Often we don’t know what we want. We cannot articulate it. We do know what we don’t want, “I don’t want to be fat”; “I don’t want a bad job”; “I don’t want to have a bad day”; “I don’t want to have my business fail”….  Often the universe will deliver the exact thing we don’t want. We end up getting fat, having a bad day and working in a dead-end job.

We get what we focus on. So, focus on what you want! “I want to be healthy and fit”: “I want to work for a great boss in a great job”; “My business will be successful”

We will have multiple “I Wants”. What do you want in your career, your family, your social circles, your spiritual and health aspects of your life. Having that clear understanding starts the process of living more simply.

Step 2. Understand what is important. What is helping you and what is hurting you? When people know what they want, they begin to understand what is important to them. They start analyzing what they have in their life and in what they do by simply asking themselves if it is helping them or hurting them achieve what they want. If it helps them, they continue doing it with an increased focus, but if they determine it is hurting them, they let it go.

Ask yourself next time you have time demands. What is important in getting you closer to what you want? Does it hurt me achieving what I want? And act accordingly.

Step 3. Align your actions to what is important. This is the big step, and where most people will fail. It’s now about putting action into place.

If being happy at home is important, your actions need to align with that. If working towards a better job is important, your actions need to be in alignment. If you know what you want, and understand what is important but fail to do action, you will fail. Failing leaves you at the mercy of others. You will also be dis-satisfied because you will not achieve what you want, or do what is important. Align your actions towards your desired outcomes and you are getting closer to living a simpler life.

Step 4. Maintain Clarity.  You now need to make sure you keep these steps in focus. At times life will still send you curly ones that are out of your control, so maintaining your clarity is vital as not to lose focus. You can maintain clarity in simple ways, by having a vision board, or even just post-it notes on the bathroom mirror. Keeping your focus and not allowing yourself to drift back to bad habits is only due to maintaining clarity.

Following these steps will allow you to live your life that becomes simpler. They remove things in our lives like needless drama and toxic people and situations, because they know this doesn’t help them. Removing toxins and drama doesn’t just simplify your life, it will purify your life. Give it a shot, what have you got to lose?

Achieve what you want and simplify your life.

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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