Our Internal Demons Strike when we don’t have a Purpose

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Our media can often be portrayed as sensationalist, and the recent headlines surrounding our former swimming Superstar Ian Thorpe need to be approached with some caution with comment. It is clear that Ian does appear lost at the moment, but the extent of this is somewhere between the dazed,  confused and depressed image painted by the media, to the picture of health presented by his management.

Many of his friends and former team-mates have jumped to his defence and have made sense as they ask people to respect privacy and for everyone to act in the best interest of Ian. Supportive messages indeed. I heard Sam Riley speak today and she made sense and echoed the thoughts of others. She spoke about moving from her swimming career, and making plans to do so in the last 12 months of her career. She said she moved into something she was passionate about.

Makes Sense. It’s not just swimmers or high profiles who get lost and depressed when they lose a major component of their life It’s everyone. It’s people who lose their jobs. People who lose someone, People who split up. People who leave study…..The list goes on.

We all need goals…we all need to have dreams….we all need to be working purposefully towards something. When we don’t have purpose, when we get inactive is  when we get lost. When we get lost, our inner thoughts work against us

So our learnings are the same as what I hope Ian’s is. Find your purpose and drive passion into your life.Create balance in your life…find your purpose and set your eyes firmly on your goals.

Tony Curl
Empowerment Coach – tonycurl.com

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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