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After 35 years of successfully leading teams in the corporate world, I maintain contact with many of the people who I have met, be-friended and mentored. I have skin in their game and understand their feelings. I have become a trusted advisor and coach to many.

Corporate leadership often feels like a jungle. Some of the symptoms of the corporate jungle are:

  • Mixed Priorities
  • Poor Communication
  • Political Agendas
  • Time Pressures and Deadlines
  • Team Member problems
  • Human Resource Issues
  • Lack of support from your direct report/s
  • Lack of performance from your team
  • Inconsistent Development opportunities
  • Behind the scenes meetings and decision-making
  • Favouritism
  • Hidden Agendas
  • The lonely feeling of being lost in a crowded world.
  • Poor Work/life balance
  • Moving the goal posts or changing the score card.
  • Lack of clarity of vision or strategy

Have you felt the impacts of any of the above? Many leaders have felt the above symptoms at one time or another, and it’s important to understand you are not be alone.this. What usually happens, is that we gravitate to others we believe we can trust and use them as our venting sparring partners. This creates other issues……

The corporate jungle, at time, is not a pretty place. And I ask you. Who is looking after you? Leaders acknowledge the lack of ongoing, consistent and clear development yet often do little for themselves, believing that the corporation will ultimately service their development. Often the training we receive in corporate life is wasted as follow up and accountability is not part of the training equation. I am guessing that many will attest to this. We come out of training motivated to achieve, to be hit by the corporate jungle the next day, an unsympathetic boss and a demanding team and our learnings are laid to rest.

If you don’t value your own development, then it is unlikely others will. If you’re not looking after your own development, then who will?

Many corporate leaders won’t consider coaching. They see it as an expense and the fear of the unknown and run away from the action of looking for a coach. They look to connect with others in the company. How’s that working for you?

My last role in the corporate world had responsibility of a $300 million portfolio, a direct team of 22 managers and over 300 team members. It was also the role that determined me to jump into my current role of developing and supporting others. I had great leaders in my career, and I had some lousy ones. I only wish I had a coach.

Coaching is a process that is focused on YOU.

  • The coach has a priority of seeing you succeed. Making you more effective and better. 
  • A coach helps you cut away the noise that often envelopes corporate leadership. 
  • A coach helps you set clear actions and holds you accountable to achieve.
  • The coach is free from favouritism and hidden agenda
  • A coach will enable you to be YOU and express fears, reluctance, confusion, pride, satisfaction and other emotions without using this information in relation to your performance reviews and promotion opportunities

If you are looking for a coach, what would you look for? I would want a coach who has skin in the game, a coach that earned their stripes, a coach who learned from their failures and mistakes, a coach who achieved success and significance. A coach who has flexibility to coach face-to-face, Skype or by phone. A coach that would provide a return on your investment in your excellence. Surveys by the International Coaching Federation, indicate that 95% of executives that have used a coach have been satisfied with the results contained.

Gain clarity, drive action….get clear on your success. You can do this with a coach.

For more information on what I can offer to you please visit www.leadershiplifeandstyle.com.au and book your free 30 minute consultation to show you how coaching gets results for YOU!

Tony Curl
Leadership & Empowerment Coach
Leadership, Life and Style.

Check out our Next Generation Leaders Group Coaching Program for your effective introduction to coaching. You can expect a high return on investment on this investment. Coaching may also be tax deductible as professional development. Check with your financial expert for more details.

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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