Isn’t it Time?

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Isn’t it time?
Time to stop thinking about what could go wrong.
Time to stop giving yourself reasons not to grow
Time to stop doing “Same Crap, Different Day” Zombie Shuffle
Time to stop dreading the thought of facing the work you hate
Time to stop thinking of “hump day”
Time to stop believing the only great days in your life occur on the weekend.
Time to stop over analyzing your every move
Time to stop gossiping about others
Time to stop comparing yourself to others
Time to stop listening to marketing campaigns that make you feel small, just so you buy a product.
Time to stop dreaming and wishing for change.
Time to stop allowing others to pigeon hole you.
Time to stop going through the motions of a human being
Time to stop thinking you will never find the person to share your life with
Time to stop allowing “life” to take over and “run” your life.


It is time to start
Time to start believing that you are unique
Time to become the best you, to attract the best person.
Time to start working on becoming your greatest version of you.
Time to put into action, everything you have always believed you could do.

Only then, will we see you embrace the potential of every day
and realise the full potential of what you possess.

So is it time for you,
Time to put action in place and take steps towards your dreams and goals. Create some space in your life, reflect and move forward with dedication action.

Tony Curl –

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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