When Locker Room Leadership Fails

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The Miami Dolphins are current embroiled in a major distraction. While details are yet to come out fully, it would appear that we have a failure of Locker Room Leadership. Nowadays many teams and sports put together a Senior Leadership Group which sets the “tone” for the team, set the standards and role modelling. At times they also have a say in the disciplining of team members who have breached the standards set.

Many clubs when looking at players to bring in to the club as well as rating players on a scale of talent and ability, also look at a character index. And this can be stated with the DND index. The DO NOT DRAFT. Many clubs recruit for character first….and that is a great way to be. As character determines how great someone will be and not the talent and ability the display.

So think about your team, your inner circle. Both in work and in your personal life. Who would you now reclassify in the DND class. Who has the talent and the ability to be your friend, in your inner circle, but is now showing the signs in the DND test. Take the plunge, face up to your locker room leadership and make the call. Character first.

Tony Curl

Do not draft.

Character first

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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