How do you Treat your Alarms?

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Don’t forget to treat your alarms in your life.

Have you ever walked past a retail shop and heard the sound of their exit theft alarms going off? Have you ever turned to see what the result was?

Recently I have watched two interesting occasions while shopping. A major supermarket chain I walked past had an exit theft alarm malfunctioning, and was going off at regular intervals. On the same shopping trip, I walked out of a Discount Department Store and  watched as the alarm went off with the person in front of me, and he was waved through by the assistant.

In both cases, the alarms were fundamentally ignored as the malfunctioning alarm became part of the “noise” in the store and an annoyance, while in the second occasion the alarms were just ignored. Possibly ignored to remove the potential for conflict? Ignored through lack of training? Ignored through attitude?

So what alarms are you ignoring? What alarms are going off in your business, your career, your life…that you are ignoring? And maybe your are ignoring them to remove potential conflict, because you lack the knowledge or because you don’t care.

Maybe that alarm is changes in a person’s attitude at work….. maybe that alarms is a lack of love in a relationship…maybe your body is trying to tell you something and sending you signals….maybe you have an Agreement with Reality that is increasingly become negative.

Failing to act on alarms in your life and business, always ends in pain somewhere and sometime. What alarms are you failing to act on? What do you need to do to act? Find out now and deal with them.

Tony Curl

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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