How is your Personal Growth Plan?

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Own Your own personal Growth

How often do we really step up to the plate and own our own development?  I get asked often about numerous things as an Empowerment Coach. Many times people are looking for a certificate to “pad” out a resume…..people are looking for the government to pay….and people want their boss or company to pay. I’d love to do your course Tony, but the boss won’t pay for it……

So in effect, what they are saying is that they really are not interested in investing in themselves. Some may say that is harsh, but the most successful people in the world today, living fulfilled lives of significance do so because they have accepted the ownership of their personal growth and development.

I speak with many people who bemoan the fact that their boss isn’t developing them. Logically I then ask what personal development are they current doing. The answer is almost always NIL. You see we live in a world of excuses. This just provides us another excuse for not accomplishing what it is we were set to do. I believe that everyone has a purpose in life, the reason they were born. And I cannot accept the fact that many on this world were born to be BELOW AVERAGE. We were born for a reason…..and the only reason we allow ourselves to sit BELOW AVERAGE is because we listen to the excuses we tell ourselves.

We have a culture that looks to have a certificate for everything. In my experience, having a certificate listed on your resume doesn’t make you better. Having a certificate doesn’t improve your results. “Padding Your resume” doesn’t make you a leader. BEING A LEADER, getting results….and getting results is what personal development and growth is all about.I have seen too many people with lists of completed certificates who cannot deliver results for themselves and their team. Certificates DO NOT create accountability and attitude is the most important thing for accountability. I have yet to see a Cert IV for Attitude.

Everything you ever wanted to do, ever wanted to before you, if you choose to chase. I know that most will not chase. They will just keep on listening to their bullshit.

So I say, step up to the plate and OWN YOUR OWN PERSONAL GROWTH PLAN. If you want to develop yourself there are many opportunities to do so, you need to find them. Grab yourself a coach, grab yourself a mentor, look for course that will add value to you, your team and your results.

So ask yourself some simple questions. What is your true purpose? Where were you five years ago and where do you want to be in another five? When was the last time you truly drove your own personal growth? Are you happy?

Tony Curl
Leadership, Life and Style

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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