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Often we sense a feeling of resignation, a feeling of disillusionment and we ask ourselves if this is what life is? And often we feel like this, just when we have made a big breakthrough in our lives and careers, on something we have worked hard on for a long period of time…achieving it seems to drive us into facing a “What’s Next” scenario, if we don’t have that mapped out.

Conversely,  this sense of resignation applies to many people from all walks of life, wishing and wanting more in their life,their career and in their relationships. For many this is due to the fact of a missing thing ……………called action.

Focusing and working on a major goal is great, but that sense of foreboding of what’s next when that goal is achieved and plans are not in place for the next stage is real and sends us to depths of where to look next.
And sitting their waiting for someone to be kind enough to take you to the place you wish to go…is certainly the required path to a long lifetime of regret. People don’t take you to where you want to go….they take you to where they want you to go….And who knows where that is?

We need to be courageous enough in believing that EVERYDAY is a day to start afresh. Everyday is a day we can embark on our journey. Everyday we can say ENOUGH….and move on. Everyday is a day we can take the lessons from the past and plant the seed for tomorrow. Everyday is a chance to take a fresh step forward.

Tomorrow (Thursday 17th Oct), I am holding a seminar that people have invested in with their time. The crowds may only be small, but these people attending want to know more about how they can enhance and improve their lives and others around them. It is something I am certainly looking forward to, but one thing that has stood out is the amount of others in the world who believe the excuses they tell themselves…….The one that also ridicule and criticise others who want to add value. Unfortunately we mass produce average today, and too many follow the well worn path of excuses and blame.

So wherever you find yourself….get your head out of yesterday and everything it gave you, whether it is success or a mess. Today is a new day, today we can step forward..to a better you.

Tony Curl
Leadership, Life and Style

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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