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Classmates of 1979-1983 Corinda High

On Saturday Night I had the absolute pleasure of attending the reunion of my graduating class at Corinda High of 1983. As with most things, this came about through the passion and persistence of a small group of organisers, and the many that attended would have faced some fear and trepidation on attending and facing back up to high school cliques and judgements. In fact, I would be guessing that many who “chose” not to attend, may have done so due to this fear and trepidation.

One of the common complaints that came about from this event, was that many just didn’t have time to get around and talk to everybody. Too short..was a common cry. And as the photo above attests, when the time came for some formal shots of the night, it was difficult to capture our focus. I like to say, “Count the Conversations” in the above photo and to me represents what was great about the night.

Another standout for me, was the fact that everyone was “Simply Better”. In some ways we waste our childhood and the acquaintances we make, by being kids and fixated on judgements, perceptions and being seen as “cool”. In other ways, we make friends for life. Either way, our friends we make at school, should always be our friends and even though we may not see them all the time, these connections are part of what shapes us.

Simply Better. We had taken our fair share of pain during life, but in every occasion we had become better people for it. There was no bitterness, no regrets, just an incredible sense of a life we are all living. We had people attend from their now International Homes, lawyers, professional leaders of industry, musicians, and just many, many wonderful people. Classes, cliques, gangs were just non-existant and that in itself made the night memorable.

Leadership was clearly shown by the small organising group, who refused to be  disillusioned and who ploughed on to create a great event that everyone felt privileged to attend. Leadership and service to the class was also shown by another, who created the photo slideshow and who kept the momentum going on the Facebook page that was created. He truly served his classmates and this appreciation of his work was often shared with him during the night and beyond.

One thing is very clear. Perceptions and judgements for this small window of time when we turned 16, are definitely long gone. So what are you holding onto in your life and career that is just wrong…do you know it is wrong? Have you opened your life to that wonderful thing called Experience and Insight…and learnt from it with continued action to being Simply Better.

Simply Better…is that a theme in your life? Have you been too busy in life to get better, to improve, to grow…..Simply Better – Take those small steps forward today. You deserve it.

Tony Curl
Leadership, Life and Style.

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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