M-brace Life, Move, Motivate, Mobilise!

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When you are surrounded by Motivated people, It’s not difficult  to go with the tide.

I spent my weekend with an amazing group of people who have personally transformed their lives by losing weight through the Bodytrim program. I was privileged to be there as an official mentor for the challenge winners and came away inspired from their lessons surrounding their transformation.

The weight loss scenarios in themselves was absolutely incredible, a total of over 610kgs between the 13 challengers, but it was the stories of what they overcame to achieve that cemented the inspiration. There was health stories where they had overcome mild heart attacks, chronic fatigue and other health issues. Overcoming internal doubt, anxiety attacks couples losing weight together and taking a stand. And changes since have seen some move into more advanced exercise options chasing sporting physique goals while others have become personal trainers to support and inspire others. Stories of absolute inspiration where people simply said ENOUGH!!!. I need to change. NOW! Chasing their dream.

It’s difficult to describe the bond that we share after a weekend like this, but it’s the start of a lifelong relationship of friendship and support.Its the start of a mutual support and inspiration network.

So we had many emotional discussions with the challengers, with plenty of time for reflection. It got me thinking, that when you are surrounded by Motivated People, its not difficult to be swept with the tide. And the lesson is there for all of us. Surround yourself with people that Move You, Motivate you and who Mobilise you.  Move, Motivate, Mobilise.

Doing so will certainly help you M-brace life.

So check who is around you? Have a look now. Do they Move you, do they motivate you and do they mobilise you. If not….why are you there?  Mbrace life!

Tony Curl

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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