Influencing the Undecided

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Influencing the Undecided

John Maxwell says Leadership is Influence, Nothing More, Nothing less.  In reality, you don’t need a title to lead. You need influence. And influence is needed in our lives as well.

So at anyone given moment in time, we  have people that are with us; people who are against us and others who have yet to make up their mind. We need to be true to themselves, and those that are with us are usually part of our inner circle. Those that are against us can be haters and envious or jealous of who you are, what you’ve achieved or where you’re going.

In politics, they always look to influence the undecided. Those that hate, will hate. Those that love will love.Those that are yet to make up their mind can be influenced. But How?

Influencing the undecideds requires subtlety. And influence is usually given to the person who gives respect. Subtlety and respect. The ability to see both sides to an argument, yet stay true to themselves and principles are the behaviours that I see as being paramount to giving respect.

For long lasting influence, you would go a long way to find something that works better and more effectively that giving respect to people and other ideas, while staying true to yourself and your values and principles.

Tony Curl

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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