Why Are You Where You Are, and Not Where You Should be?

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Steve Maraboli describes graveyards as being filled with unfulfilled dreams. And I would believe that no-one could argue with that.

We all have dreams and we all have some goals that we wish to accomplish. The simple fact is that most of us don’t chase them. Most of us take our dreams to the grave.

And at times we may find our dreams and goals overwhelming, we find them huge, we find them so far out of reach. So we stop….?

What I know is that stepping towards the best version of me, is a sacrifice I want to make. I’m not hoping it happens, I’m not wishing it happens. I’m not dreaming it happens. I’m making it happen1

And I’m making it happen by being courageous….I’m making to happen by taking small steps daily. Small steps that take me closer to my goal, closer to my dream, closer to the best version of myself, closer to where I should be.

So I ask you….Why are you where you are? and not where you should be. Today should be the day you courageously follow through and take action on your dreams.
Tony Curl
Leadership, Life and Style

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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