Lessons From Leadercast Brisbane: Dave Allen

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Lessons from leadercast: Dave Allen

Continuing in the series of learnings from this years Leadercast, rebroadcast in Brisbane in August. Dave Allen spoke about the need to generate space in your life. He used the power of personal stories to great effect to build into his presentation, but the greatest learnings to me was about focus and appropriate engagement.

He described his Perspective and Control Matrix and he described the following quandrants.

  • Victim – No Perspective/ No Control
  • Crazy Maker – High Perspective / No Control
  • Micro Manager – High Control / No Perspective (Vision)
  • Captain and Commander – High Perspective / High Control

 The Captain and Commander is the only one prepared to offer Appropriate Engagement. Dave talked about some little key concepts like “Mind like water” as water reacts appropriately to what it faces eg ripples through a pebble, or wild due to storms.

Another ideal that hit the spot was, “You need flexibility not perfection”. How true is that, as I have seen so many burn out chasing their idea of perfection in the world,life and career….when they needed to be flexible to deal with the world.

Finally, Dave talked about a process to use to clear the mind of clutter. He called the the Master Keys. They are:
1. Anything that is on your mind get it o! your mind – write it down
2. Make outcome/action decisions – what actually needs to get done/learned
3. Use the right maps – step back and see the big picture of what needs to get done

Dave was clear in his message of freeing your mind and focusing on Appropriate Engagement and enabling us with the Master Keys.

Leading and learning go together, and if you wish to lead people, you need to grow. Leaders that don’t grow, don’t lead for long.

Tony Curl

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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