Is it Trust? or Trust the Most?

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Trusting the Most? Almost Trusting

Facing elections here in Australia, voters are faced with a massive quandary. I suppose like many in the world, we are faced with decisions on who we trust with the task of managing our country. To make matters worse, most of us have a distinct lack of trust in politics, parties and members of parliament themselves.

But it’s not just in political life that this lack of trust is obvious. It is in the companies we work for, the unions that support our workers. It is all around us in the workplace, and it is everywhere in our lives. It’s in our families and friends.

When we reflect on our political decisions, it comes down to the politician we trust the most. Let me repeat that. We decide who we trust the most. In other words, we are saying we ALMOST TRUST YOU. You See…….Trust is complete. When we say I TRUST YOU, it is a complete statement, a complete belief. There are no reservations, no proviso’s…IT’S COMPLETE. A person can have no better compliment than to have others say “I TRUST YOU”.

Trusting someone the most, is vastly better than saying we trust someone the least….however they are still saying “I ALMOST TRUST YOU” It’s not complete. I would like to believe you BUT………………I don’t. 

So when we trust people, we truly trust them. To deliver on their word; to live with integrity; to be courageous in their beliefs and values and stay true to principles and friends.

When we say I trust you the most….it means I almost trust you to deliver on your word; to live with integrity; to be courageous in your beliefs and stay true to principles and friends. I would like to trust and believe……but I don’t.

With trust comes great responsibility and accountability. Living a life of integrity, courage and belief supports a character that others trust. And sadly, we have found out that sometimes, this just isn’t convenient. So we end up in a constant state of “Almost Trust” on deciding who we trust the most.

Tony Curl
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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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