Bugs on Your Windscreen: Whats Obscuring your Vision?

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Bugs on your Windscreen, Whats obscuring your Vision?

We liken our lives to a journey; a journey of ups and downs; times of focus; times of emotions…. And we all have memories of holiday road trips where we have undertaken long journeys by car. And whether we have fond memories or not, we all know what tends to accumulate on the windscreen as the journey continues. Squashed bugs on the windscreen and as time goes on, the bugs become a visual impact to the driver. And if you are like me, we attempt to use the wipers to wash the bugs off, but this usually does nothing more than smear the bugs obscuring our vision even more. So when we do this, we have no option but to stop at a service station and give it a good clean to get our vision back.

So as we go through the journey of our lives what are we accumulating along the way? What is obscuring our vision? And what are we smearing around that blocks and stops us, and forces us to clean up…………….. The grudges we carry, the jealousy we pick up, the judgements we make the prejudices we encounter, the self-doubt and loathing………. They do nothing for the journey we are on, they block our vision, they obscure our view of ourselves and to become the best version of ourselves, we need perfect clarity of who we are meant to be….we need clarity of our vision.

So if your vision is obscured…..STOP. Give yourself a  clean out, its time to renew your vision.

Tony Curl

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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