Always Time for Action: Making it Happen, Makes it Happen.

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Always Time for Action

Our world today seems a mass of contradictions. We have many people stuck in their lives, stuck in dead end jobs, stuck doing things they hate… the same time that Social Media feeds are filled with positive, inspiring messages……at the same time many take pleasure in the artform of “hating” and hiding in the anonymity of the internet.

While I can not understand what pleasure people get out “hating” (and this will be the subject of a future post) I can understand how people get stuck in the rut and cannot see a way out. My Facebook feed is dominated by Positive Thoughts and statements, however I know that no matter how they make me feel, the only way to improve my life is through action. Reading and being motivated by quotes, just isn’t enough. Wishing about change, hoping for success and dreaming about riches doesn’t make it happen. Making it happen, makes it happen.

Wishing, dreaming and hoping isn’t enough. and while many can not see the way out, there is always a way. If you are stuck in a job you hate, and want to be involved in a job you love…you need to take steps towards what you love. If your desire is to help people, volunteer at a hospital or with a care giver. If you want to train people, get out and coach. If you want to learn and grow…invest in yourself. Take steps and take action towards your dreams.

Doing what you love and fullfilling your potential means to me that you have been successful. You are the only person that can define your success and it is all about purpose and potential.

It is useless knowing what to do, and not doing it. Take steps, take action. Making it happen, makes it happen. Don’t let your dream die with you.

Tony Curl
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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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