Poisoned Politics -Hiding behind the Masks of Manipulation

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Manipulators hide behind ‘politics’ .

A leader I know was describing his line manager. He described him as the ultimate politician, as he pulled the strings to gain influence, favours and positional power. The behaviours and actions he spoke about, reminded me of a manipulator and some of the resultant actions have created a lack of trust and long term solutions under his control will be severely jeopardised.To me it’s poisoned politics as they hide behind the Masks of Manipulation.

Manipulation and intimidation certainly create influence. The influence they create is negative  and short term. Manipulators lack integrity, and deal with people purely for short term gain. As that lack of integrity kicks in, people lose trust and become wary and protective of what they have, what has been said and directed and the ultimate vision of the company.

Execution gets bogged down, the company gets less efficient and the company loses out, due to the company losing the heart and mind of the team. Personally, when leaders who manipulate leave, the common consensus is one of “thank god, they are gone”. Not much of a legacy to leave.

Influence is something all leaders need, after all Leadership is Influence, Nothing More, Nothing Less as my friend John C Maxwell says. The levels of influence used, depends on the trust, empathy and respect that has been built up within the team. Leaders who build influence based on these factors will leave a legacy and other leaders to carry on the work. Manipulators leave “its time to start again”.

What will you leave?

Tony Curl
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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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