Singing in the Car: It’s just how you look at it!

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Singing in the car. Its how you look at it.

After a couple days away on business, I was looking forward to flying home and being with family and friends. I had a couple of hiccups flying home, but didn’t allow them to faze me. I took the time, and made the choice to enjoy the moment. Let me explain.

Firstly, the plane’s departure time was delayed. No big deal. I always like to get to airports early and either catchup on administration or relax. When you fly a lot, you can take it for granted…but it’s nice to just stop and watch the world. The excitement of many who fly or travel irregularly is a joy to watch. I had great enjoyment immersing myself in the conversation of four elderly ladies who were flying to Brisbane before embarking on a cruise.
The excitement was contagious and I found myself smiling and enjoying my time with them.

Landing in Brisbane, saw a change in weather with cold rain greeting us. To me it meant a dodgy trip home and a great need to be careful. Over the Gateway Bridge, I struck traffic as I took the exit off the motorway. The rest of the way home was going to be long, and stop-start all the way. Again, it’s how you look at it. I was looking forward to getting home, seeing my family, then sharing the night with dear friends. I could have got angry, I could have got cranky….and then shared that frustration with those I love. Instead, I chose to practice my singing. (BTW- No amount of practice can make me sing better) Plugged the Ipod in, put on some of my favourite songs and sung, as I was stuck in traffic. The trip home became enjoyable and ultimatly passed quicker than it otherwise would have.

So why do I say this. I have seen people go ballistic for much less. Now I am not judging anyone, as I am not aware of others circumstances, but I always believe that while you don’t have control of everything that happens to you, you do have control of how you react. I chose how I reacted. I immersed myself in the moment, and enjoyed myself by making the best of the situations. Getting frustrated wasn’t going to make me feel better, or change the situation. Make the choice to make the best of the situation.

Have a great weekend.

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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