The 3C’s – Part 3 Complacency

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Certainty, Comfort, Complacency

We Crave Certainty, we Create Comfort and ultimately Cause Complacency.
Because when we get comfortable, we get lazy. We take shortcuts, we don’t take due care. We operate as automatic drones as we endure life. In effect, we stop living….we just haven’t made it official.

The world today mass produces average.We talk about things needing to change…but sadly it’s all talk. Or we talk about others needing to change….and neglect the fact the only person we can change is ourselves.

Life should be enjoyed. Our lives are what we create. When we become a creature of comfort, we face the 3C’s. We accept what life brings, and in doing so we minimise it.

You can have certainty and routine and growth, we need to ensure our habits involve a process where we are challenged. Doing some simple things daily will help. Reading, Learning, Conversing are great habits to get into.

Our routines should enable us to grow and flourish and our  habits  should enlarge us and make us better than yesterday. Good daily habits allow us to grow a little each day, and will lead to a massive improvement over time. This challenge to grow requires courage to continually change or improve ourselves. BUT It is our own personal evolution.

So, the 3C’s can be broken by using another 3C’s.That of Challenge, Courage and Change.
Remember life is an occasion, we simply must rise to it.

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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