Life: Have a Go at it!

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Life: have a go at it

Have you clocked off? Have you retired from life? Have you stopped having a go?

Have you chosen to accept your life or choosing to create your life? There is a powerful difference. When you choose to create your life: you learn and grow, live with fulfillment and your life becomes a joyful journey. When you choose to accept your life, you become focused on enduring your life, watching the clock and making it through every dreary day. Life is not meant to be an endurance event, its meant to be an exciting journey of enhancement.

 Many people have stopped growing. When you stop growing, you stop living. Many have stopped living and now just wait for it to become official.

Sometimes, our lives, are turned around in upheaval, through catastrophic events both natural, and caused by others. Can it be that simple to believe and act in accordance with looking at the best choices available at all times? How many times have we heard someone comment ” That person has a great attitude” when interviewed after a disaster as they piece together the remnant of once was their life.They make the best choices they can. So yes, I do believe it can be simple. Sometimes, we have no choice in what happens to us…we choose how we react and respond.

Where are you? Are you making the choices to make your life fulfilling? Are you making the choices that enable intentional learning? Do you challenge yourself every day? Do you know how?

One last point! Do you bet on yourself? If not, why not. If you can’t get on yourself, don’t blame others when they don’t.

To the family and friends of the two young men, from my circle of friends, taken way too early my thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends.  Please don’t wait until its too late, to tell those you are close to that you care and support them. Care and support, helps everyone make better choices.

Author – Tony Curl

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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