Commitment : Keep Your Word!

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Your Commitment : Keep Your Word.

The Meeting was set down for 2pm and had been put in place three weeks before. For the Sales Manager, on the road visiting clients, the meeting meant a 2 hour detour from his plans.The meeting was important to the Sales Manager, as he sought to get advice on a new market venture. He left his last client with plenty of time to get to the scheduled meeting.

Arriving 15 minutes before 2pm, he stepped out of his car at the same time a text message came through on his phone. It was the other party advising that due to illness they could not attend the meeting. The Sales Manager jumped in his car, disapointed and Knowing that he lost two hours with no outcome, plus now had the need to try and obtain that same advice at a later date. Time and opportunity wasted.

Recently John Maxwell spoke to his team about the need to honour our commitments. He told of his amazing statistics that in over 15,000 engagements, he had only been forced to break three. He outlined stories of the lengths he went to to honour his commitment, and his absolute integrity in keeping his word.

Your commitment is your word. Your commitment is the visual side of your integrity. Your commitment is vital to those that you have given it to. You need to look at your commitment as being your minimum level of execution. That is how important it is, to the person you have given it to.

Your commitment needs to be rock solid. People cannot second guess your commitment. Your commitment, you keep it. Live the life you commit to. Give your word, and Keep it!

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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