Integrity ; Rock Solid or Fluctuating wih the Tides

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Rock Solid : Integrity

Integrity is not a behaviour that fluctuates with the tide; fluctuates with the bandwagon; fluctuates with good news/bad news; fluctuates with politics. Integrity is rock solid. Something you have at all times and doesn’t waver.

The story goes, the senior executive had briefed his front-line team individually about an upcoming restructure, which ultimately would lead to some additional workload being levied onto the front line leaders. In the discussion with all, he stated that the company wasn’t looking at reducing the number of front-line managers as he outline the plans.YET!

The front line managers, walked out of those individual briefings with the clear notion that the company had or was looking at reducing head count of the front-line leadership team. WHY?

Each front-line leader understand and had bought into the strategy. They had been recruited over a period of three years to bring better leadership to the customer services and results were promising. Each was confident they were part of the strategy and the solution for the company. Ultimately what was said, didn’t need to be said, as it only led to questioning the integrity of the executive. 

By mentioning that the company wasn’t looking at reducing their head count, it actually meant to each of them, that the company was indeed looking to reduce headcount or had looked to do so. Their sense of significance had disappeared with that statement and it also led them to reinforce their opinion of their boss.

At a team briefing, a week later, the senior executive outlined the restructure to his entire regional team. In his presentation he spoke of another presentation he had given to the board, in which he outlined a plan to reduce headcount of Front Line Leaders. The board rejected , due to not being aligned with current strategy. The front line leaders looked at each knowingly. He had led the presentation…further erosion of integrity.

Integrity needs to be rock solid and not fluctuate with political motivations if you want to become an effective leader. At times it takes courage to stand alone like the lone rock, but people trust you and count on you to lead and show the way. Leaders have integrity.

The Senior Executive is still the leader and the Front Line Leaders still report to him and the results continue to be promising. At times, these front line leaders acknowledge, you have a boss…..not a leader. 

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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