Growth Occurs Outside your Comfort Zone

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Outside your comfort Zone is where growth occurs.

This little fellow standing up on top of the cliff has already been stretched. He had to climb up the vertical face of the cliff to be standing where he is. His parents and friends are sitting in relative safety urging him to jump. He knows there is only one way down.

He has climbed up a vertical cliff, to be standing where he is. In terms of comfort zone and goal setting, he has probably done more than many of us do on a daily basis. Comfort Zone is the death of growth. Stay where we are, don’t try anything knew, stop learning…..Comfort zone. Comatose as a person.

I used to work with a company that believed strongly in challenging leaders to step up to the plate. Thanks to them I would never have abseiled, white water rafted, ropes courses and basically challenged beyond my own belief. However, it isn’t just physical challenges that drag us out of our comfort zone. Its where we sleep and stay, its social gatherings. Its potentially standing in front of a group. being challenged as a focal point and my favourite, ROLE PLAYS in training rooms.

Whatever it is, you will know when you are out of our comfort zone, BUT be aware that this is where the learning kicks in. Get outside of your comfort, or face the ultimate comfort. Comatose as a person. Acknowledge and relish the chance to learn and grow.

The young fellow, stood there for a long time. Alternating between allowing others to go in front of him and standing there peering down at the water. After what must have seemed an eternity to him…a final deep breath and…………he jumped. When he re-emerged, the smile on his face said it all, and he responded to the cheers of all the onlookers with an upward thrust of his arms. Imagine how he felt…..and you can too. Face up to your fears, face the challenge, go toe to toe.

The smile said it all as he went to climb the cliff again……………

Author-Tony Curl

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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