Trust : Overflowing or Leaking?

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Trust: Overflowing or Leaking?
 Trust. Does yours’ overflow or Leak. I have tweeted all week on the element of Trust. To everyone, trust is a fundamental foundation of all relationships, and it’s very much the foundation of all aspects of leadership.
Its important to give trust. In fact, its vital to give trust. Giving trust empowers people, and enables them. Enable, Empower, ENGAGE. Give them trust. 
Many will say how difficult it is to trust  especially when they have been hurt by this. I guess, as managers we have often heard statements from our superiors that we potentially have trusted someone too much, when they have let us down. That shouldn’t stop giving trust. It’s counterproductive and decreases morale, quality and productivity when you hold your team at arms length. Trust is critical and simply makes good business sense.

Untrustworthy people find it hard to trust, just as it is hard to trust untrustworthy people.

Trust is such a hard thing to build with someone, and so easy to lose. I liken it to filling a bucket. Gaining trust with someone fills the bucket. Being trustworthy fills the bucket. Unfortunately, the trust bucket can leak, or worse gets knocked over. Something major that tips the Trust Bucket over is hard to recover from, a slow leak can be recovered but you need to add more water.

So, if water is going to escape from the trust bucket, lets make sure its because our trust of people makes it overflow. Give trust to empower and engage and enable your team. Be trustworthy to gain trust from your team. Trust is the absolute foundation. Only with trust can your team scale the heights that they have potential for.

Leaking or overflowing. Our behaviours and choices lead to the end result.

Author-Tony Curl

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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