What’s Fencing You In?

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Have you ever reached a time in your life when you stopped yourself progressing on a quest or a goal?  Don’t fret….You certainly aren’t alone. There are many reasons why people will stop on a quest or progress. Too Hard, Too hot, Too heavy. Self doubt. Criticisms from others. Concern what others will think. Failures and struggles. How many times?

We are blessed with multiple examples where many successes from people, have come directly after failure. Many success stories speak of constant struggles prior to achievement. Stories of self doubt being over-ridden by a positive mindset are also the stuff of many while others were rejected and criticised but kept plugging away ultimately to success.

Examples of how success has been achieved by over-coming struggles, failures, self-doubt and put-down are many,however unfortunately outweighed in sheer number of people who chose to quit or who dropped off.

It’s like a beautiful view which you want to explore, but can’t because you are fenced in. Don’t allow yourself to be fenced in! Don’t allow yourself to stop on your quest! Don’t let, fear, failure, self-doubt or struggle fence you in. Don’t allow it…..Like everything, just when you feel you cannot get back up, believe that you are closer to achieving…because you are. So GET BACK UP! Believe and achieve. You don’t know how close you are…don’t allow yourself to believe otherwise.

We need more people in this world, energised by chasing a quest or a goal and that is what will energise the world…….

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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