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I’m currently on a Central Queensland visiting 30% of my team. These visits always present challenges into being away from family and friends, as well as effective communication with the remainder of my team. The distances are vast here, and due to isolation, each visit is hectic and completely full on.

I’ve chosen to communicate to me team, with a well structured priority piece that they receive Monday afternoon by fax, and placed on a company intranet available for them Tuesday morning. Due to the visit, my business review and subsequent weekly priorities was not done until late Monday night, so after flying out at 5 am, the laptop was still burning until 10pm.

So why do I tell you this. It’s certainly not to impress you….but I did need to ensure that my effective communication was maintained to my team. I needed to add value to them, even though the process would be difficult. I knew the easy way out, was not an option. These are the things I need to impress upon you. Instead of hoping for the best, I ensured I created my best!

So, when people suggest that you need to give your best, make sure you understand exactly what your best is.  Only you know…….

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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