Good Morning….Or Is It?

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How do you face the morning? Are you like many, who sleep in as long as possible…Hit the Snooze button multiple times….rush out of bed, jump in the shower, grab a coffee and off to work. By ten oclock, hitting the sugar button for some energy….hitting the mid-afternoon tired zone…before sitting down to a big meal and a wine because of the day you’ve just had. For many, this is the cycle and many don’t see a way out.

For some, the morning is a great way to kickstart the day. Up early, and with a big drink of water first up to rehydrate the body and jumpstart the metabolism. A morning walk, or a gym session, brings about some energy release into the day, naturally, before a decent breakfast. Time to reflect and plan the day ahead, with less opportunity for energy spikes and crashes. Simply a better way to start the day.

A better start to the day comes from an endeavour, a purpose. I always look at my morning ritual as my first win for the day. I won, and my day wins. Does yours?

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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