Do you have a Coping Strategy?

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It is an interesting world out there, and at first hand can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. When a pressured assignment or project is underway, in all likelihood teams get through on adrenalin or the thrill of the chase of the deadline. It is often, when a project returns to normality, that we see signs of cracking or “distress” in our teams.

How we cope brings forward some interesting studies. Some cope by diet and exercise, while other cope by tuning out from the world in meditation. Others get focused on a hobby, or a pastime. Others cope by giving their all in a relationship or to their family. What is important, is that you do find a coping strategy that is best for you. Why? To be able to cope in a positive way, provides clearer focus and sharper execution.

Coping in a negative way, by use of alcohol or other vices, provides haze and is never the best solution. While alcohol may temporally dull the pressures, they return and the person gets caught up in a downward spiral.

Do you have a coping strategy? How do you get away from the pressures of work?

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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