The Next Thing!

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My leadership team, recently undertook an enormous challenge over a nine week period. It was challenging and very high pressure. We recently had an extensive debrief on the challenge with a counselor and it was interesting how each of the team took it. I listened intently, and tried to take as much out of it as possible, so I can help my team, and store some of the information for later use. Others took the counseling more from a personal perspective, whereas my reflection came later.

One of the key things that I took was, an anecdote shared by the counselor from his brother in law. ” You can only ever do the Next Thing”.  The impact to me from this simple sentence was huge. Despite all the planning, all the reflection….the reality is simply, “You can only ever do the next thing”

Taking it forward…..”The cost of not being in the moment”  The co-relationship of the 5R’s of the moment. The reflection, the realization, the regret or the reward all dependent on our Response to the moment. NOt sure if this is covered by any theories at all, but to me this sounds so real. Do you live the moment?

Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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