Courage is in your Domain

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Courage is in your domain!

We lost a great leader in the last week with the passing of Nelson Mandela. Reflecting back on his life, I admire, as do so many others, the strength of character and the courage he showed in standing by his ideals and principles, when many others would have caved during his many years of imprisonment. Thinking of Mandela, brought me to think of Martin Luther King, another leader of great courage, who led the world to a historic rise in human rights, while staring down death threats as others took means to stop him.

Courage is a true strength of leadership, and both Mandela and King typified it, maximised it and changed the world in the process. And in comparison, it helps us to understand our courage, and what we need to do to have courage in our lives.

Have the courage to be you, to follow your path, to follow your dreams and not to be dictated by others or try to be something you are not.

Have the courage to dream, to believe in being the best you and have the courage to put action in place to achieve.

Have the courage to know when you have outgrown someone or something and the ability to set it free as you continue your journey. We progress at different rates and those that start our journey are may not be the ones to see us finish.

Have the courage to speak up, to share you ideas, your throughts and not allow yourself to remain silent. Don’t sit there and be rail-roaded into work, goals that you havn’t allowed yourself the opportunity to contribute.

Have the courage to contribute to your life and to enhance the lives of those around you.

Have the courage to stand up when you fall, and believe that the more you fall, the stronger you get and the closer you get to success and significance

Have the courage to put your best foot forward every day, to rise from bed with excitement and anticipation for what that day brings, the potential and the possibilities.

Have the courage to turn your back on your self-doubt and challenge yourself in bringing out the greatest you.

Have the courage to know that facing forward is the way to a good life, and while we can smile at our memories, we know that we do not live in the past.

Have the courage to know that “the good old days: weren’t really as good as what you can make today.

Have the courage to allow the world to see the greatest YOU.

Have the courage to live your life.

Tony Curl –

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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