Excuses, Entitlement or Empowerment. Which do you Choose?

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Too many people today live in a world of excuses and entitlement. The excuses they tell themselves and the entitlement they believe they have because others have things better then them. Many people sit on their hands and have wishes for a better life, but are unwilling to make the decisive step forward because of this excuses and entitlement mindset. Action determines results and lack of action results in no results.

Our world today is dominated by average. Average people leading average lives. Average people constantly comparing themselves to others and believing they have the same rights or entitlements that they have. They miss the fact that people who work hard, achieve more, live more….and if you’re not prepared to work hard, don’t compare yourself to others. If you are content to live a borderline average life, don’t expect others to make your life better. If you are not prepared to work hard for yourself and towards your dreams, don’t begrudge the fact that others are.

We need to get out of this excuses and entitlement mindset which we have fueled as a society. You have everything in you to achieve your dreams. You just need to take the first step towards your dreams and goals. Don’t go sitting on your hands waiting for the good nature of others to drag you kicking and screaming to your goals. Only you can do that.

Stop listening to your own excuses and if you havn’t earnt it, don’t expect it….Get over the excuses, get over your feeling of entitlement, get out there and make it happen.

The path to your dreams is there. It’s called EMPOWERMENT. It’s about taking responsibility for yourself and your goals and about taking steps to achieve.

When we embrace empowerment in our world, only then will we truly be removing the excuses and entitlement mindset that drives us to average.

Tony Curl
Leadership, Life and Style

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Tony Curl

Tony Curl

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