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Month: October 2013

Excuses, Entitlement or Empowerment. Which do you Choose?

Too many people today live in a world of excuses and entitlement. The excuses they tell themselves and the entitlement they believe they have because others have things better then them. Many people sit on…

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Schoolies: The Lethal Mix

Dark Clouds Over Schoolies Image Source News Ltd We come into the annual “Right of Passage”, that is Schoolies week. The warnings are already coming out in the media, because of the fear of balcony…

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World’s Best Excuses Coaches. We all have one.

I get asked often “What is an Empowerment Coach”? I usually reply with the fact that everyone already has the world’s best Excuses Coach, when we actually need someone to empower us to act on…

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Every Day We Can Change Our Story….

Often we sense a feeling of resignation, a feeling of disillusionment and we ask ourselves if this is what life is? And often we feel like this, just when we have made a big breakthrough…

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Simply Better!

Classmates of 1979-1983 Corinda High On Saturday Night I had the absolute pleasure of attending the reunion of my graduating class at Corinda High of 1983. As with most things, this came about through the…

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