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Month: August 2013

Crying Out for Good Leadership Part 2

We don’t have many good leaders in Australia. Our current events in Australia have opened the eyes of many in relation to that statement. Politically, we have seen campaigns run on manipulation, campaigns run on…

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Influencing the Undecided

Influencing the Undecided John Maxwell says Leadership is Influence, Nothing More, Nothing less.  In reality, you don’t need a title to lead. You need influence. And influence is needed in our lives as well. So…

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Crying Out for Good Leadership

It seems that not a day goes by, when we don’t read a story about the salary of some senior executive in our country. Today is no different, as we read about the boss of…

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Why Are You Where You Are, and Not Where You Should be?

Steve Maraboli describes graveyards as being filled with unfulfilled dreams. And I would believe that no-one could argue with that. We all have dreams and we all have some goals that we wish to accomplish.…

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Lessons From Leadercast Brisbane: Dave Allen

Lessons from leadercast: Dave Allen Continuing in the series of learnings from this years Leadercast, rebroadcast in Brisbane in August. Dave Allen spoke about the need to generate space in your life. He used the…

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Lessons from Leadercast – Andy Stanley

Lessons from Leadercast- Brisbane Leadercast came to Brisbane yesterday due to strong perseverance of fellow John Maxwell Team Member Peter Lam.Leadercast is a one-day event broadcast live from Atlanta to over 100,000 leaders around the…

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