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Month: June 2013

Poisoned Politics -Hiding behind the Masks of Manipulation

Manipulators hide behind ‘politics’ . A leader I know was describing his line manager. He described him as the ultimate politician, as he pulled the strings to gain influence, favours and positional power. The behaviours…

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The Waves act with Abundance. They just keep coming We all know that life can get cut-throat. We know that some act with the weight of the world on their shoulders. We know that some…

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Performance and Connection

Performance and Connection A good friend of mine was recently promoted into another position taking on a business role responsible for a State in Australia. Leaders grow leaders, and we became friends through his early…

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Breaking Trust in Teams: The Fish and Snitch Approach

The Fish and Snitch Technique Trust is an important part of any team environment. A leader approached me to tell me about an incident that I have tagged “the Fish and Snitch”. The lessons are…

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