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Month: April 2013

Command Courtesy, Earn Respect.

Respect must be earnt. Respect is a vital aspect for leaders. Influence comes from being respected. But respect must be earnt. Earning respect comes from various avenues. Lets take the time to look over a…

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The Power of the Passion

The Power of the Passion Aussie Rockers, Midnight Oil sang about Power and the Passion in their 80’s political hit and the same applies today when we talk about passion and purpose. Its about finding…

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Warning ! Habits to Break for Success.

Warning! Break those bad habits The lady at the petrol station felt obliged to almost apologise for her purchase of a packet of cigarettes. She didn’t drink, she didn’t take drugs; her only vice was…

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Commitment : Keep Your Word!

Your Commitment : Keep Your Word. The Meeting was set down for 2pm and had been put in place three weeks before. For the Sales Manager, on the road visiting clients, the meeting meant a…

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