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Month: March 2013

Integrity ; Rock Solid or Fluctuating wih the Tides

Rock Solid : Integrity Integrity is not a behaviour that fluctuates with the tide; fluctuates with the bandwagon; fluctuates with good news/bad news; fluctuates with politics. Integrity is rock solid. Something you have at all…

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Growth Occurs Outside your Comfort Zone

Outside your comfort Zone is where growth occurs. This little fellow standing up on top of the cliff has already been stretched. He had to climb up the vertical face of the cliff to be…

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Trust : Overflowing or Leaking?

Trust: Overflowing or Leaking?  Trust. Does yours’ overflow or Leak. I have tweeted all week on the element of Trust. To everyone, trust is a fundamental foundation of all relationships, and it’s very much the…

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Learning and Reflections

I have just came back from two weeks if travel in Florida with my wife Sharon. Included in that travel was a three day live training event from the John Maxwell Team, which now means…

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